A gesture enriched by the pen ...

It’s in Fribourg, where he was born that André Ducret begins his musical progress which will be marked out by the figures of Pierre Kaelin, Michel Corboz, Jean Balissat, Eric Ericson and more recently, Dan-Olof Stenlund.

In the head of children's choir from 1970 till 1982, he conducts the Choeur Saint Michel, a group established by about fifty students, from 1976 till 2006. He exercises hischoirmaster's talents inside and outside of Switzerland and is favorably welcomed by the musicians of the Chamber orchestra of Lausanne and the Orchestra of Suisse Romande. From 1989 till 1992, he is the main conductor of the Choir of the Italian Swiss Radio.

He is sought for the animation of workshops by A Coeur Joie, Europa Cantat and Israeli Zimriya and shares the conduction of the Swiss Youth Choir on five occasions. Hardly of this experience, he teaches the choral conduction to the academy of Sion from 1997 till 2009.

Furthermore, he starts the quartet of Jaquemart and sings to it as 1st tenor for about ten years.

A pen livened up by the gesture ...

His composer's talents express themselves as well in the popular music as in the contemporary language. In 2002, he won three prizes in the competition of composition organized by the Société cantonale des chanteurs fribourgeois. On the international plan, he receives the first prize AGEC (Arbeitsgemeinchaft Europäischer Chorverbände) and takes part to the Contest " Rainbow " in Barcelona.

June 4th, 2007 is created in the Cantonal Library and Academic de Fribourg ( BCU) the Fund André Ducret who contains more than 500 pieces. The work "André Ducret, composer, choirmaster and teacher " is published in this occasion.

Of concerts in competitions, from recordings to creations, he continues to lead the Choeur XVI on the roads of an intense and diversified choral experience.