Choirs and vocal ensembles of our region

Le Choeur St-Michel

Le Quatuor Laqué

L'octuor Contretemps

Le Quadratuor

Le choeur Anonymos

L'Ensemble Orlando Fribourg


Choeur de l'Université et des jeunesses musicales (FR)

Le choeur de chambre de l'Université de Fribourg

Divertimento Vocale

L'ensemble vocal DeMusica

Le Choeur de May

Choeur de Jade

L'ensemble vocal La Cantilène de Fribourg

L'ensemble vocal Euterpe de Lausanne

Les Marmousets (choeur d'enfants)


They shared with us the adventure of the PK7 Tour

Anonyme 80

La Chanson du Lac

La Rose des Vents

Canta Sense

La Villanelle

La Chanson du Pays de Gruyère


Our friends musicians

The composer Dominique Gesseney-Rappo

The violinist Rachel Kolly d'Alba

The quartet "Dites-le-moi Tuba"

The guitarist Dagoberto Linhares

Rémy Schroeter, an amazing multi-instrumentalist !


Websites that are going to interest every lovers of choral art ...

Musicanet, a platform which staged the Choeur des XVI and André Ducret several times in his favorites !

Sympaphonie, a very complete service., the website of the Singer’s Society of Fribourg., The site of the Conductor’s Association of the Canton of Vaud (AVDC)., biographies of composers of French-speaking Switzerland, but also many other subjects.

Festivocal, website dedicated to the community of choirs of Midi-Pyrénées, Languedoc-Roussillon and Aquitaine (France).



The Hindemith Foundation in Blonay (Switzerland)