The Chœur des XVI maintains a demanding approach of its repertoire, both technically and expressively speaking. The balance of the voices, the accuracy of the chords and the musicality that emanates from them has been acknwledged in many contests where it won the first prize.


At its origin, early music kept the Chœur des XVI busy. It soon opened its mind to other periods by singing pieces of the great Romantic masters and some gems from the 20th century. Futhermore, the Chœur des XVI has always kept to its repertoire local folk songs that gave its reputation to Fribourg’s choral background.


The Chœur des XVI has always been careful to suggest the impulse of contemporary creation. Not only by being particularly inspired in the demanding repertoire of the  20th and 21th centuries, but also by ordering regularly works to current composers from Switzerland or elsewhere. The concern of open-mindedness is also met in the journeys and the tours outside Switzerland from which the Chœur des XVI systematically brought back musical memories, opening its mind to the folklore of other countries.

Traditional and forerunner

While claiming its belonging to the tradition of Fribourg’s choral music, the Chœur des XVI contributed to its developpment by adding to it this touch of high requirement and this excellence aim. Since, several choirs of the Fribourg area can also claim this filiation.